Whether you are a group leader, a teacher, or just a bus coach, you must be aware that you are responsible, as well as the carrier, for compliance with safety rules and compliance with the law. Bus transport is particularly governed by a wide range of regulations, from access to the transport profession, working conditions for drivers, initial and continuing training, monitoring of medical skills, Technical controls of vehicles etc ...

Whether it is a day trip or a trip, the coach will allow you to truly enjoy the beauty of the sites crossed, in a convivial atmosphere, at the best price, and in the largest security. The latter must take precedence over the rest ... including respect for the schedules, which is essential for respecting regulatory constraints. For this rigorous compliance with the rules we set out below is very important in moving a group and allows you to define to let you drive by one or two drivers. Compliance with driving regulations is everyone's business. This line of conduct is one of our concerns in managing our operations and in advising our clients.

The maximum continuous driving time

Continuous driving should not exceed 4h30 during the day and 4h during the night. Beyond this, a 45-minute stop must be respected, possibly split into two periods, the first being then 15 minutes and the second 30 minutes.

The maximum daily driving time

A driver must not exceed 9 hours of daily driving. Driving time may be extended to a maximum of 10 hours twice per week per driver.

Daily rest time

The daily rest period is 11 consecutive hours and can be reduced to 9 hours 3 times a week.

The amplitude and its passing

The amplitude of the working day of a driver is the period between the beginning and the end of his working day. (Deposit or accommodation). This amplitude is normally 12 hours and can reach a maximum of 14 hours in total for a single driver. Beyond that and up to 18 hours it is therefore necessary to provide a second conductor.

Weekly rest

The rest is applicable after 6 consecutive days of work in France. The weekly rest period must be 45 consecutive hours. It is possible to take one week out of two a rest reduced to 24 hours under condition of catching up the reduced rest. A 45-hour rest period is required at least once every 15 days.

We are here to inform you and help you find the best compromise between your ideal itinerary and the feasible itinerary within the allotted time with the respect of the rules.

That is why our drivers and our operating and administrative departments are regularly trained for the respect and enforcement of these regulations.

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